I.         Course Description

Welcome to a new and exciting semester at PCHS!  This Parenting class will explore the aspects of parenting.  We will apply concepts learned in project oriented assessments.  A text will be used as supplementary material in the classroom.

Please bring a positive attitude and lots of questions to class every day.  These two things are important components to learning.  As your instructor, I will do my part to make our classroom comfortable and safe. For a positive classroom climate, we will adhere to the following rules:


1.     Respect – Show respect to the teacher, yourself and fellow students.

2.     Responsibility – Be responsible for your actions; being prepared for class; turning in homework; making up missed assignments; getting help when you do not understand; making arrangements when you need extra help, etc.

3.     Manners – Please use good manners at all times.

4.     MP3s/ IPods/ IPhones – Are allowed in the classroom during personal work time only for music use only.  Otherwise, please have them turned off and out of sight otherwise.  Thanks.


II.       Units of study

Topics of study will include:

Roles and Responsibilities of Parents, Types of Families, Raising Children, Teen Pregnancy, Nutrition during Pregnancy. Pregnancy, Birth, Adoption, Discipline, Parenting Styles, Ages and Stages, Birth Defects, Kid’s Day, Baby Think it Over Project


III.             Assessment:


Parenting will have numerous assessments: quizzes, tests, projects and activities; all of which center on creating successful students.


Homework: will be assigned 2-3 times per week.  Many times, on-task students that take advantage of class time will complete work and will not need to take it home.

We expect effort and high quality at all times.


Binders: A binder for this class only is required for all students to stress the importance of organization and responsibility.  Binder quizzes will be given periodically. 



Tests/Quizzes are worth 50% of your final grade, Projects are worth 30% and other (i.e. in class assignments, Homework, or Activities) is worth 20% of your final grade. .


Late Work:

Ideally, all of your work will be turned in on time.  However, there may be circumstances that will prevent you from getting your work in by the due date.  Late work not due to illness will be marked down 10% for every day it is late. It will not be accepted after 10 days.


Semester Grade:

Each quarter will be 43% of your semester grade.  The final exam is worth 14% of your semester grade.  Students must pass two of three marking periods and/or exams to earn credit for the semester class.


Plagiarism/ Collusion:

Collusion occurs when a student knowingly allows his or her work to be submitted for assessment/credit by another student. Plagiarism is the use of another’s ideas, facts, photos, art, chart, graphic design or words without giving proper credit. Loss of credit for the specific assignment will occur, as well as being written up and/or given a detention/suspension.  Cheating will result in NO CREDIT for ALL PERSONS INVOLVED!


IV.             Procedures:

Procedures have been established to ensure that all students are adequately prepared for class.  This ensures that students will have the necessary information to be successful.  Procedures will be introduced and practiced throughout the first days of school.